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How heavy is META-2000? Does it have wheels?


META-2000 STANDARD weighs 15KG, and the META-2000 4G and 5G versions weigh the same 16KG. Neither have wheels. But a META-2000 dust box with wheels can be purchased.

How do our mosquito repellent lamps repel mosquitoes?


The visible spectrum of mosquitoes is 253-700nm, and the visible spectrum of humans is 380-760nm; the spectrum that mosquitoes are afraid of is 530-590nm, and the color spectrum of Meta-2000 mosquito repellent lamp is: 540-580nm. Therefore, it can drive away mosquitoes.

Are there built-in fans?


Yes. There are 6 smart fans which only run when necessary to keep the operating temperature at an appropriate level.

What is the noise level?


Less than 45db.

I have a question that is not listed in this FAQ.


Please contact our official support email: support@nikotapower.com , we will serve you

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