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How to use the "router" function of the Meta-2000


You need to insert a SIM card into it, and turn on the "router" switch,wait for the indicator light to turn green and blink,open your mobile phone WiFi, find "wifi-2.4G" or "wifi-5.8G",connect to wifi-2.4G or wifi-5.8G, enter the initial password: 12345678, you can connect successfully.

What is the network speed of the META-2000 router, and how many contacts can it load at most?


META-2000 4G/ 5G has 1800M wireless router modules, in line with IEEE802.11AC/N/G/B/A wireless network protocol. Wireless transmission rate is up to1200Mbps. The external antenna has good connection and wider coverage. The coverage of wireless signals in an open area is greater than 50 meters theoretically. It can connect 70 devices simultaneously.

META-2000 STANDARD 和 META-2000 4G/ 5G 有什么区别?


META-2000 STANDARD不包含网络模块。META-2000 4G支持4G网络信号。META-2000 5G支持5G网络信号。这三款手机的电池容量和电量都是一样的。

How does META-2000 connect to the network?


META-2000 4G/5G can act as a 4G/5G network transmitter to smart home appliances or outdoor electronic devices by two methods. One is to insert a SIM card. Another way is to connect household network cable.

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